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CRM benefits for your business

Nowadays everything is moving towards unification, when everything is represented in one solution. About 4 years ago, the prevailing view was that the consumer would not in principle accept the technology of CRM, but now most of the implementations are conducted in the cloud technologies, not in the box.

The hard question of many CRM-systems is the evaluation of analytics by channels: at the moment it is extremely difficult to obtain information from which channel the request was made. It would be good if, thanks to the integration, the source of the lead should be automatically installed in the system, and there would be more information about it when contacting the client.


The second point concerns the expansion of the capabilities of mobile applications: not only viewing, but also interaction. Create leads, contacts, transactions, mark something on the card, launch and accept invoices for payment – both on tablets and smartphones.

And thirdly, the increase in the need for companies in business processes. According to Bitrix24 statistics, only 18% of companies know what CRM systems are, but even they don’t always install them. Therefore, the main task that we set for ourselves is precisely in working with those companies that did not hear anything about CRM at all.

Experts say, that by 2020 the percentage of companies using CRM-systems will be at least 40%.

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